Better Nutrition Business Guide


Are you waiting for your better nutrition business?

Better means something different to all of us.
Better visibility, better amount of clients, better paycheck, better impact. Your better is all that matters. But knowing your better(s) is the most critical first step to your better nutrition business. And your better(s) might be changing. That’s a great thing, but it can be scary or confusing. Let The Better Nutrition Program and CEO, Ashley Koff RD help you get the better business you deserve.
This guide is a beginning. Use it in conjunction with current coaching or to help you select the better coach or program for you right now. 


You deserve the better nutrition business you work so hard to create.

There are so many courses, guides, programs – and you already worked so hard to get your license, certification(s), degree! Investing more time, money and emotional resources could be better, but often just adds to and overload of “should’s”.
Is this you?
Exhale and grab some dark chocolate as things are about to get so much better! Yes there is work to do, but when you do your  better work it becomes so clear and dare I say, easy, to get where you want and deserve to be with your business. I know because I have helped a handful of practitioners do this working intensively with them, but also share tips, tools and resources with hundreds who all say the same thing “thank you for helping me sort was is better for my business.”
You don’t want a better nutrition business, you want your better nutrition business
And that’s a carrot of a different color! To get there you do have to do some work – but it should be easier and more efficient with this guide and perhaps a consult. Wherever you are on your business journey, this  guide helps you ask better questions, identify better resources, and map out a specific plan to take your nutrition business from where it is today to better.