Better Not Perfect Sweatshirt


What Could a Better Not Perfect Sweatshirt Do for You?

Ever struggle with perfectionism? For some of us, it feels like it’s in our genes or at least our horoscope! A cozy, daily reminder to focus on Better Not Perfect can help you downshift from perfect more often.

“I love my BetterNotPerfect sweatshirt! It is so cozy. Perfect for the chillier days.” – Katie W.

Here are the details:

$53 includes priority shipping within the United States

We will ship to the address provided in the purchase unless you email us a different address ([email protected] and provide order #)

They come in S,M,L unisex sizing and fit true to size. Because they are cotton we recommend cleaning them with cold water (better for the environment too) or warm water with like colors.

I want to send one as a gift

Great, just email us [email protected] with your order # and address you would like it shipped to – happy to include a card if you want to email that too.

Can I order them in bulk?

You bet. Depending on the quantity, and what is in stock, we can turn them around in 10 days or 2-3 weeks for larger orders. We can also get them printed in other colors and styles. 



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Why the Better Not Perfect Sweatshirt?

A Better Not Perfect sweatshirt is a cozy reminder that striving for better not perfect is better for you.  Some days the drive for perfection wins out. For others of us, it wins more often. But in health, there is no perfect – ever – there’s only better. So put this on post-workout, post long day, or just to help you get from point A to point B in your day.

What sizes do you have?

There’s no one size fits all diet, so there’s no one size fits all top. This one comes in unisex S,M,L and adjust to fit all different bodies just like an adaptogen (learn more about how adaptogen herbs can help support better health in this guide).

Are the materials better?

Made from organic cotton and recycled materials, these are better for your skin, the environment, and the people making them. We used Print Natural and Royal Apparel as suppliers.

Where do you recommend wearing the Better Not Perfect Sweatshirt?

Formal events, family gatherings, definitely to office meetings – ahhh we jest. But, really anywhere that you want to remind others that you strive for better, and you encourage them to do so too.

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