The Better Not Perfect Diet (Digital)


A Diet Plan That Can Get The Results You Crave While Still Enjoying Your Life!


Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Your Better Sugar Situation

  • What Does Your Body Do With Sugar?
  • Can I Have Sweetners?
  • How To Manage Cravings Better
  • A Better No Sugar Added Menu
Chapter 2: Your Better Not Perfect Nutrition Plan

  • What’s Better For You?
  • How To Be a Qualitarian
  • What’s Better Not Perfect More Often?
  • How To Make Better Not Perfect Choices More Often
  • Log Your Better Nutrition
Chapter 3: Better Not Perfect Nutrition For The Whole Family

  • Who Has Coffee For Breakfast?!
  • How To Role Model Better
  • What Are Better Treats?
  • How To Make Better Choices
Chapter 4: Your Better Not Perfect Life

  • How To Treat Yourself Better
  • Just Say Yes To Better
  • Your Better Not Perfect Detox
Chapter 5: Your Top Better Not Perfect Diet Questions

  • INFObesity: What Is It? Why Do We All Suffer From It? Here’s My Cure
  • Better Liquid Nutrition
  • Biggest Health Mistakes
  • What To Choose Organic?
  • Hemp Apple Crumble Recipe