Better Milk Nutrition Guide


How Can The Better Milk Nutrition Guide Help?

There are better milk nutrition choices and those that are not better. This guide helps you discover the deliciously easy ways to make better nutrition choices more often.

What are better milk nutrition choices?

Your better milk choice should not give your body anything that irritates it. It can give your body nutrients, or you need to get them from other foods, beverages and even supplements. Better milk choices better be delicious, doable. Use this guide to learn how to make your better milk nutrition choices.

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The better milk nutrition guide helps your patient.

When you share the better milk nutrition guide it will help you and your client identify their better milk choice. You can explain that their choice will not give it things that can irritate, overwhelm or disrupt their body’s daily efforts. That means that you need to look at the ingredients as the amount, the form, and the blend of nutrients will all factor into whether it is a good choice for their body.

Is dairy milk or non-dairy the better nutrition choice?

Dairy is not a food group, so you do not need to drink milk from animals ever. That said, it doesn’t mean you have to avoid all dairy milk. Likewise, not all non-dairy milks are better nutrition choices. In both cases, the key is to know what nutrients your milk delivers including carbs, protein, and fats.

How do I know if my milk choice has enough nutrients for my body? 

You better milk nutrition choice can give your body nutrients it needs. However, you don’t need your milk to be the only or primary source of nutrition or any key nutrient.  Use this guide to help you avoid common milk nutrition mistakes.