A Better Menu: Rainbow


Why should you choose the better rainbow menu?
To get to your pot of gold – the better health results you crave! That’s right, your body wants and needs a variety of colors, from real food, daily. Different colors indicate the different super powers found in plants.
How can you use The Better Nutrition Rainbow Menu?
Use The Better Rainbow Menu for a week to see how you can make better not perfect colorful choices more often or review the menu to see the different choices we use for one color, one that you aren’t doing a better job getting in more often.


 Are you giving your body the nutrients it needs?

Use the better rainbow menu to help you make colorful choices for delicious better nutrition, more often. Your better rainbow menu includes herbs and spices too.

Do you get in a few colors, but not others, more often?

Use the Better Nutrition Rainbow evaluation to see if your foods, beverages and supplements provide your body the benefits of a rainbow. Sign up to for the Better Nutrition Supplement Store to see our approved choices especially for colors you may not get in regularly or could use a higher concentration of those nutrients.