A Better Menu: Pureed Protein-Rich


Need it soft? Make it better!

The better pureed nutrition menu is your better tool whether post surgery or just need choices that don’t require much chewing and are easy to digest.

Does it give me protein?

Yes each choice provides protein. While protein is important, getting in the healing power of a variety of plants is too. This menu will help you get in a better nutrition rainbow from herbs, spices and some vegetables more often.


How do I use the better pureed nutrition menu?

Looking for pureed foods that are good sources of protein. Sure, you can follow the menu exactly. But, what if that is not delicious or doable for you? No problem. Use the better pureed nutrition menu as a guide.

What if I can’t eat some of the foods on the menu?

The menu provides a variety of different foods to help you make choices that you tolerate and find tasty. Review the whole menu to find easy swops for most ingredients.

What about supplements?

You must discuss any of these with your practitioner especially if you are going to or just had surgery. Sign up to see our approved supplements including liquids, powders, sprays and creams in the Better Nutrition Supplement Store.