The Better LipoProtein A Guide


Why do you need to know your lipoprotein A level?

Better lipoprotein A nutrition begins with knowing your levels. It could save your life.  Lipoprotein A or Lp(a) is a molecule containing fat and protein that escorts cholesterol around the body. They are known to be pro-inflammatory which is why they may increase your risk of arterial plaque, clots, leading to heart attacks and stroke.

Who is at risk

About one in five of us – both adults and children – can have elevated Lp(A) risks inherited or as a result of non-genetic factors. If you get tested and it is normal then you likely don’t need to worry about it again. However, if it is elevated, you will learn from the guide some of the better lipoprotein a nutrition choices to make and what to avoid more often.

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What does Lipoprotein A nutrition have to do with heart health?

Knowing your lipoprotein a nutrition level is key to better heart health. One in five people have elevated levels which means they need more than general heart health nutrition recommendations. Many heart attacks occur in people with healthy or managed cholesterol levels but high lipoprotein a levels.

After I have my lipoprotein a number, what do I do?

If normal, you don’t need to do anything specific to your lipoprotein A. If elevated, you and your practitioner can discuss a protocol – foods, drinks, supplements – with or without medication to lower your levels.

Are some foods better lipoprotein a nutrition choices?

Yes, most importantly, you do not want to skip fats altogether and you want to avoid too much added sugar. This guide goes over more specific choices for better heart health. The guide also explains choices that may help you get normal lipoprotein a levels over time.