• Your personal plan (1-2 pages with detailed insights, recommendations & suggested priorities)
  • Recording of key insights & action steps from the experts
  • A live session to  review the plan & your next steps
  • A month of membership, including 30 mins of one-on-one coaching and unlimited messaging with your BNP Coach™ to implement roadmap recommendations into action
  • Biweekly live group sessions led by The BNP Clinical Team™
  • Complete 28 day assessment period
  • 14 days for experts to review & develop plan
  • Meet with your coach to map out your next steps
  • Jumpstart with a month of unlimited messaging & group live sessions with the experts

Athletic Performance Optimizer Plan™


Got performance goals? Entrust our experts to evaluate all your data – your current choices, health, and your body’s needs – to develop a personalized athletic performance optimizer plan. Packed with clear, better next steps, your plan will ensure you improve your on and off the field performance.  Created by sports performance expert Rebecca McConville RD LD CSSD CEDS and BNP founder Ashley Koff RD, the Athletic Performance Optimizer Personalized Plan is the first of its kind to reduce risk of injury, improve performance and optimize off-the field (or court) health. 

  • When all your choices are designed to work together you get better results. 
  • You’ve got big dreams and with a truly personalized plan you can achieve them!
  • Getting a personalized plan is great but getting help implementing it is AWESOME!
  • You train too hard to not get winning results!
  • If your nutrition isn’t meeting your body’s needs today both your performance on and off the field will suffer!
For just $299! – Working 1:1 with our experts like this usually starts at $500+ per session!
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Better Wellness, on Better Terms

Health is personal. Our tools and support have to be, too. Every aspect your Athletic Performance Plan with BNP is designed to optimize your performance in real life—so you can get better results, easier.

Experiments designed to reveal key data– Trial the different experiments shared as soon as possible and report back all insights. Your data will be used to help personalize your plan.

Personalized trackers– Write down the details of your choices throughout or at the end of your day and feel free to upload any pictures as well.

A whole team approach– Our clinical team is working behind the scenes to evaluate your data, goals and preferences. You are the secret ingredient in this winning recipe!