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You understand the importance of eating the colors of the rainbow, but how many of your clients actually do so on a daily basis?

Enter The Rainbow Evaluation, a cutting edge nutrition assessment tool that makes it easier to gather essential client data and shows (not just tells) clients how to incorporate all of the colors of a better nutrition rainbow. Even better, this tool is a proven way to grow your business.

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Easily attract new clients
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We know that better health is powered by a rainbow, and it’s now easier to help clients get theirs in more often. Download and start using The Rainbow Evaluation today.
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Hear From Colleagues About The Time-Saving, Better Results They Get Using BNP Evaluations:

“I could not find a good way to assess my clients total magnesium intake and needs. Until The Better Nutrition Magnesium Evaluation!”

Lori Koors

Lori Koors NDTR CHC

Seeds of Change Nutrition

“I am loving the better nutrition evaluations and using them with my clients. They are loving them!”

Kathy Kreis

Kathy Kreis RN

Fired Up Wellness

“The digestive evaluation tools are very easy for my client to fill out. As a result, she sent it back to me quickly and we were able to get moving forward with her recommendations. The thing I like about it is the way the questions are sub-categorized, which makes it easy to evaluate.”

Denise Lalonde

Denise Lalonde RHN CPT

OWNER – Denise Lalonde

“The Better Nutrition Program Tools are like an updated Nutrition Care Manual. We all can use that for our patients and businesses!”

Erica Drewry CEDRD, RDN, LD

Erica Drewry CEDRD, RDN, LD

OWNER – Aligned Nutrition

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Why did an award-winning better nutrition expert create The Better Nutrition Program?

Ashley Koff RD

Ashley Koff RD

Founder, CEO

She discovered better nutrition, the importance of assessing not guessing what her body needs to run better, and learned to build her better nutrition plan to finally get her better health results.

“Better nutrition changed my life and powers my successful career as a healthcare provider. I am thrilled to share these tools to help you get the same results!”

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