Better Nutrition Programs for Practitioners

Better nutrition programs for practitioners provide you ready-made programs from Ashley Koff RD and The Better Nutrition Program team of Better Nutrition Experts. You can purchase programs individually and your purchase includes access into the group to see how we set it up and run it (we use Facebook groups).

NOTE: when you purchase just the program, your tools provide the “answer key” versions of the evaluations only which include pages of recommendations and hyperlinks to our other tools. To get the practitioner versions, you can get or upgrade (email us) to The Shop of Tools which includes all programs, tools, access to the groups, the option to invite 5 additional people for free (you can charge them), and behind the scenes support from Ashley Koff RD and our team.  These programs are ready to revenue generate once you add your logo! Run them online, in-person for individuals or groups.

Got questions? Watch this quick video or set up time to discuss with us.

Want expert help to develop your better program?  Grab a business consult session with Ashley Koff RD to discuss your goals, determine the better program outline, learn better program set-up, tools she uses, disclosures, the marketing efforts that make better programs and generate better ROI.