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Improve your nutrition, achieve better health—and feel better. It all starts with a healthy diet. With our personalized nutrition programs and 1:1 support from your designated health coach, better nutrition choices will become second nature.

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Our short but illuminating evidence- and practice-based nutrition programs and supportive coaching deliver real insight and measurable results. Browse all of our programs below or use one of the filters to narrow the selection to programs in your area of interest. Regardless of active program length, you get access to your program content for a full year.

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You Won’t Fall Off This Wagon

71% of people are more likely to stick with and complete a program if they have support and someone to hold them accountable. We want you to succeed, and we’re ready to cheer you on every step of the way. That’s the BNP difference.

All of our programs include 1:1 personalized nutrition coaching sessions, group coaching sessions, and unlimited messaging with your coach.

If you’ve been thinking, “I’ve tried this before,” think again. We not only give you the education and the tools to make better choices—we also check in every step of the way to offer support and make sure you feel empowered to put your new knowledge into action.

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Do You Eat the Rainbow?

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Evaluation to Find Out.

It’s easy to fall into eating only the whites and browns of this world (who doesn’t love steak and potatoes?) But eating the rainbow is part of a healthy diet and vital to your body’s ability to heal and function. While some may excel at throwing in greens and maybe some reds (tomatoes or berries, for instance), we operate best when we include all the colors and their varying shades.

Do you eat the rainbow? Find out the colors that make it to your plate every day—and which ones you may need more of—with this FREE tool. Download it and use it on yourself, your spouse, kids, friends, and more. It’s great for all ages and the first step in our two-week Rainbow Challenge. Give it a try, and join the challenge to really optimize your rainbow diet.

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