BNP Programs™
for Practitioners

As an extension of your practice and at no cost to you, BNP offers a full-slate of science-backed, personalized nutrition programs that are fully supported by the BNP team. We help your patients achieve better overall health outcomes without adding to your workload.

Why BNP Programs™ – No Fees for Practitioners

  • Because personalizing nutrition is time intensive
  • Because your patients need support to reach their goals
  • Because your time is limited and extremely valuable 

When you partner with BNP, you can use our programs for your patients with no fees to you. Implementing BNP Programs in your practice increases resources for your patients and revenue for your practice with no additional work. 

What are BNP Programs™
and How Do They Work?

Our nutrition education, coaching support, and client services help carry your recommendations across the finish line for each patient. We handle the logistics of developing personalized nutrition plans, providing 1:1 and group coaching, educating your patients, and holding them accountable to their goals. Scroll down to browse through all of the evidence- and practice-based personalized nutrition programs we offer. Here’s how the process works. 

Step 1: JOIN

Complete the Preferred Practitioner sign-up, join our VIPractitioner Slack channel, and get your preferred provider code.


Match your patients to the right BNP Programs, have them sign up using your code and get paid each month.

Step 3: Connect

Your patients get connected with their program and coach, getting daily education and support to achieve their goals.

Step 4: Results

Our Clinical Team will keep you updated on your patients’ progress, sharing a final report with better next steps and follow up.

How We Compare To Other Options

Help patients implement your

Evidence-based programs
developed by practitioners
Personalized nutrition plansmaybemaybe
Live virtual coaching &
unlimited messaging
Full year access to program content
Anytime direct contact + final report to you
No subscription fees or staff costs
Earn monthly commissionsmaybe

What Other Practitioners Have to Say about BNP Programs™

Find the Right BNP Programs™

Based on your care plan, you can recommend one of the programs below. Each patient gets the resources they need to identify and make better choices with the support of their BNP Coach, and you get real-time feedback to optimize results. Regardless of active program length, your patient gets access to your program content for a full year. Email us to get your branded discount code so that you can adjust the savings you offer and the revenue you generate.

Are you looking to participate in a BNP Program™ yourself? Click here.