Join The BNP Affiliate Program

Let’s discuss how the BNP Affiliate Program is a win-win for your practice, your business, your clients and your community. We want more practitioners and people to experience the power of total nutrition assessment. You are a practitioner, better nutrition expert, influencer, business or someone super passionate about sharing better tools. Here’s how we can work better together

SO who is The BNP Affiliate Program for?

The The BNP Affiliate Program offers practitioners (coaches, trainers, nutritionists, dietitians, doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, therapists, chiropractors etc.) the opportunity to recommend better nutrition tools and benefit financially from that recommendation.

What does The BNP Affiliate program require?

You are in the business of helping others get and keep their better health. You must also purchase at least one of each tool (guide, menu, evaluation) prior to applying to the program. We will review your application and reach out to you if we have questions.

Better nutrition tools help you assess your clients total nutrition to make better recommendations. Plus, your business makes money. Now that’s better!

Here are some of the program offerings and some testimonials to review and then sign up. Once we approve your registration you will get your account and access to the better nutrition provider affiliate program toolbox.

We provide the better nutrition tools, you use them to help your clients get better results.

As an affiliate, you can purchase any of the tools to download and use as is. 

  • You agree to ONLY use the better nutrition tools OFFLINE unless you receive written permission from us.
  • You agree you will not edit or resell better nutrition tools.
  • You recognize Ashley Koff Better Nutrition Program LLC as the sole owner of the copyright to all materials.

As a BNP affiliate program participant, you encourage your clients and network to purchase and use The Better Nutrition Program tools.

  • Use your unique URL, and when someone uses your affiliate link to purchase a tool, you earn 50% of the purchase price (consults excluded)!
  • Share your unique 20% off code (request from us upon signing up), and you earn 50% of the purchase price (consults excluded)!
  • You join our Better Nutrition Program Affiliate community including Facebook group, emails, as well as have the opportunity to share your business and skills with the group.
  • You reach out to The Better Nutrition Program if you need support for an issue that falls outside of your scope of practice or knowledge.

We pay you within 30 days of your accumulating any amount over $100 to your preferred payment option selected on signing up.

We developed The Better Nutrition Program tools based on evidence – both scientific and practitioner experience – from leading practitioners around the world, chosen and vetted by Ashley Koff RD and the team at The Better Nutrition Program.

We provide better nutrition business tools and make efforts to promote you to the affiliate and better nutrition community as a better nutrition provider.

We all win when we enable someone’s better health! Let’s do better together!