Join the BNP Affiliate Program

Let’s discuss how The Better Nutrition Affiliate Program is a win-win for your practice, your business, your clients and your community. We want more practitioners and people to experience the power of total nutrition assessment. You are a practitioner, better nutrition expert, influencer, business or someone super passionate about sharing better tools. Here’s how we can work better together*

Who is the BNP Affiliate Program for?

Currently only our Go Pro Members have access to this opportunity automatically. We will evaluate others on a case-by-case basis reserving the right to offer affiliate status only to whom we select. You will be notified of your status but not of our rationale.

What do we require from you?

You are in the business of helping others get and keep their better health. You must be a Go Pro Member prior to applying to the program. We will review your application and reach out to you if we have questions.

As an affiliate program participant, you encourage your network to select the Go Pro membership.

How does it work?

When someone uses your Affiliate Discount Code (saving them 10% on their annual membership or 10% off their first quarter) to purchase a Go Pro Membership, you earn $325 from the The Better Nutrition Program!  

When do you get paid?

We pay within 30 days of the purchase to your preferred payment option selected on signing up. We require a w9 prior to sending an initial payment.

Why should I get a colleague to Go Pro?

Better karma, baby! 

We are all in the business of helping people get and stay healthier. When we support others versus seeing them as competition something better happens … we grow even better as a person, professional, and member of a better global community.

Let’s do better together!