The BNP Toolkit™ is the Better Way to Grow Your Nutrition business

Why You Need The BNP Toolkit™

Looking for a better way to run your nutrition business? This expert-approved system helps you deliver personalized recommendations that’ll empower your patients and boost your revenue. Ready for it to be easier to enjoy a better nutrition business? Read on!

In this article you’ll …

  • Discover the time-saving approach that empowers you to turn each client into a long-term relationship.
  • Learn the easier way to show clients their better choices and assess their progress
  • Get a system for continuing education from leading experts you can apply immediately in your business.
  • Find out how The BNP Toolkit™ provides everything you need to market and deliver personalized recommendations at every business stage

Running your own business is hard work, but running your own nutrition business…

When you’re running your own business, it can feel like the weight of the entire operation is on your shoulders. And while this is true of any business, nutrition professionals have a unique set of challenges.

Like every business, we need to sell our product and become profitable. But as nutrition business owners we have an equally important business goal: better client outcomes. Helping people get and stay healthy is our why! And to do that, they need us, which means we are selling ourselves – and that can feel icky or difficult at times.

Keep reading to learn the better way to consistently achieve both nutrition business goals (better client outcomes and profits) and enjoy doing (most of) it!

The Better Nutrition Program (BNP) is built by successful practitioners to help practitioners become successful at every business phase. We know firsthand that running a wildly successful nutrition business doesn’t have to feel like a struggle. That’s why we created the first-of-its-kind The BNP Toolkit™.

In a nutshell, The BNP Toolkit™ is everything a highly motivated practitioner (that’s you!) needs to use to succeed in client outcomes, marketing, and time management so that your business runs better every step of the way. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been grinding for years, here’s why these better nutrition tools are the secret sauce your business has been waiting for.

The BNP tools empower you with better nutrition solutions.

Your clients come to you because they want or need a change. Maybe they’re looking to lose weight, or their recent bloodwork was an eye-opener. You want to help them get to the root cause of what their body needs or to coach them to make their better choices.

The BNP Toolkit™ makes it easy for both you and your client to do the necessary work. Try one of our most popular tools-The Rainbow Evaluation. Download your free copy here.

Our tools easily integrate with others (lab tests, biometrics, meal planning apps, and more), which makes personalized nutrition super straightforward. This allows you to harness your competitive advantage: personalized nutrition. Because let’s face it, while a lot of people are selling personalization, they’re not actually delivering. Using BNP’s tools you can actually do personalization better than the competition! Here’s how.

“The better digestive nutrition evaluation is very easy for my client to fill out and as a result she sent it back to me quickly and we were able to get moving forward with her recommendations. The thing I like about it is the way the questions are sub-categorized, which makes it easy to evaluate.”

Denise Lalonde, RHN, CPT, Best-Selling Author

You’ll save time and money on programs, marketing materials, and more.

The BNP Toolkit™ empowers you to easily offer customized, income-generating programs and research-backed content that would otherwise cost you time and money. (A lot of time and money.) Rather than wasting your energy and resources on things that aren’t your specialty, we want you to focus on what you most want to do: help more clients! Check out our list of programs and marketing materials ready for you to customize.

“I leverage and love The Better Nutrition Program resources in practice. When my day is filled with client appointments and managing 3 businesses, I don’t have time to create new materials from scratch. The done-for-you resources and protocols are fantastic!”

Ayla Barmmer, MS, RDN, LDN

If you’re already using marketing tools (lead magnets, freebies, email sequences, social media posts), it’s important to ask yourself, are they:

  • Delivering a consistent flow of new clients?
  • Engaging your current and past clients to continue investing with you?
  • Generating a non-stop flow of referrals from other practitioners and businesses?
  • Saving you time so you’ve got more energy to devote to what you really care about? 

If you answered “yes” to all of the above, go you! You don’t need us. If you answered “no” (or “sort of”) to one or more of those questions, it’s time to Marie Kondo your tool closet—keep what you love and what works, and add a few extras that’ll optimize your business.

The tools afforded me opportunities for growth in my business with reliable and professional content. The Client Journey was one of the most valuable tools to help me understand how to better serve my clients and put in systems to allow me to grow with confidence and better success. Ashley is truly dedicated to every single one of us, to our success and growth.”

Caroline Sabbah LLL, CNP, NNCP, CNE, CHPC

The BNP tools serve as the continuing education you need—and want to deliver to your clients.

Nutrition information is constantly changing—and as a practitioner, you know as well as we do that you can’t afford to be behind the curve. Yet staying on top of every new ingredient, diet fad and dietary guideline overhaul could be a full-time job in itself. Which is why every tool you see listed on our preview page is updated at least annually to include the most up to date evidence-based information by our team of industry leading experts. 

Check out this message from BNP founder Ashley Koff RD on the 2021 Updates (she starts in June to complete them for members by December – staying up to date takes time and resources!).

When dietary guidelines and references change, our tools’ reference points change, too. As a seemingly never-ending supply of new foods, beverages, and supplements hit store shelves, it means you need to assess them as part of your clients’ total nutrition. Discover the unique power of BNP evaluations to do all of this easier, which is better, right?

For example, in 2020, we added guides on CBD, medicinal mushrooms, adaptogens, intermittent fasting, and detox diets—all because your clients are bringing you questions about these hot topics. We also addressed continued confusion about plant-based diets, as well as updated guides and recommendations about fat-soluble vitamins, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D needs.

As consumer trends come and go, we add BNP tools to help you navigate these new, trendy topics and nutrition research. In 2021, we’ve already added a guide to sparkling seltzers, how to build a better nutrition pantry (here’s how to use it for more business wins), Gang of B vitamins+choline and cancer risk reduction evaluations. Our team of experts share their thoughts so you’re up to date on the latest thinking, and our tools help you make staying on top of all of it straightforward and simple.

The BNP tools help you market your business better.

Even if you’ve got a wildly successful business, there’s a good chance you’re doing things that aren’t working. (Yup, we will always be this blunt because we don’t want to waste your time—we want to deliver solutions.) Are you …

  • Spending lots of time and money learning even more about nutrition?
  • Not exactly sure how to personalize nutrition recommendations for your vastly different clients?
  • Struggling to compete with other programs and diet trends?
  • Marketing your business everywhere, and unclear what, if anything, is really working – but definitely exhausted by doing it all?
  • Getting social media likes or follows, but not purchases, emails or discovery calls?
  • Fielding emails or calls but not converting the majority to clients? 
  • Getting clients but struggling to keep them after one or two sessions, or a program?
  • Updating your website (or considering a redesign) hoping it’ll lead to more clients and sales?
  • Creating marketing materials (like e-books, lead magnets, and freebies) that aren’t working to help you grow your business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions—and you’re wishing there was a way to make all of these things work better— The BNP Toolkit™ will make your wishes come true. Not only that, but it’s easier than you think to start using all of the tools immediately. (I’m talking finish reading this article, join now and get immediate access to your tools and how-to videos, and start using them tonight!)

“Thank you so much for the tools. I want to provide the best advice to my clients and I am grateful to find the way to make it easier.”

Crysel Vélez RD

The BNP Toolkit™ is the highly effective system that empowers you—the lifelong learner, the dedicated practitioner, the reluctant entrepreneur, and the excited business owner—to design and achieve the business of your dreams. 

Together we can help every person seeking better health, get and stay healthy powered by their better nutrition. Are you ready to join BNP?

When you invest in any BNP product, you get The BNP Toolkit™, plus epic support to show you how to implement this proven system, including …

  • An on-demand video library with weekly videos to address the most frequently asked questions shows you how to upgrade every aspect of your business.
  • Professional support from leading nutrition and healthcare business expert Ashley Koff, RD, and others. We’ve partnered with specialists in email and all aspects of online marketing, brand consulting, media, insurance, financial planning and more…
  • Your own business listing in our provider network so we can send you prospects – clients, media and brands.
  • Community and on-demand customer support in our private members-only Facebook group.
  • Members only weekly communications, opportunities and email access to our member services support team.

Do you have more questions about how you can use The BNP Toolkit™ to work smarter (not harder!), empower your clients, and score extra time and revenue? Click here for some of the most common questions—answered!

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