Practice Better Nutrition with These Tools

#ICYMI you can Practice Better nutrition with Better Nutrition Program tools 


Peanut butter and dark chocolate, coffee and oat milk, cauliflower tots and bbq sauce… What’s even better? This collaboration! Your Practice Better account and Better Nutrition Tools work better together to help you and your patients do better together:

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It’s seamless when you use Better Nutrition Program tools with your clients through Practice Better. Here are several different ways: 

  1. Upload your Shop of tools into your Practice Better account 
  2. Upload any Better Nutrition Program tool as an attachment to send to your client
    • They download, fill out, reattach and send back 
    • Use email, messaging, tasks to communicate form to complete or review
  3. Create a client protocol 
    • You can add video and / or write notes and recommendations 
    • Attach the tool with instructions  
    • You can create a task that provides them a due date 
  4. Upload any tools directly into your client’s folder 
    • Create a task to provide them a due date 
  5. Create a Notes template 
    • You can attach your protocol or the form (BNP tool)  
    • Can mention in a task & provide due date 

Say what? You don’t have a Shop of Better Nutrition tools? Handle that right now. Here’s what you get in your shop:

  • Practitioner versions (evaluations) [ONLY available with Shop purchase] featuring editable notes section
  • Over 100+ tools for patient use & ready-made marketing
  • Membership in our Referral Network
  • FREE Fully-Stocked, Ready-to-Revenue-Generate Supplement Store
  • Private training session with Ashley Koff RD
  • Access for you & 5 clients for each of our 2020 Programs & Challenges plus BTS training for you w/ Ashley Koff RD & all program materials for you to customize & run as your own program
  • All tool updates through 12/2020
  • 15% off any new tools through 12/2020

You know who else works seamlessly with Practice Better?

Fullscript! Here’s how to use your tools within Fullscript to create better Total nutrition recommendations.

Don’t have a Fullscript account? Get a fully-stocked one from us FREE!

Qualifying practitioners can get a white label version of The Better Nutrition Program’s supplement store to complement our tools. Sign up here then brand your store and edit the supplements as you wish. You can also grab Ashley Koff RD protocols to share with patients for acid reflux, bloating and acne.

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