Discover How to Be Heart Healthy

How to be heart healthy tops the list of confusing, conflicting and INFObesity inducing recommendations currently in this country. Yet, helping someone be heart healthy tops the list of most important needs.

Heart Disease is Killing US!

  • #1 cause of death in America
  • 1 out of 3 Deaths in US
  • 49% of US Adults Every 40 seconds Heart Attack

The Be Heart Healthy Program is Your Better Next Step!

Over 21 days participants get help with the following as practitioners assess their clients’ current total nutrition to determine their better heart healthy choices. Here are just some of the topics covered:

  • Fat, Sugar, Salt
    • Fat isn’t the better heart health nutrition debate. Their total fat intake – amount, quality and frequency – needs assessment to ensure it makes it easier for their heart to get and absorb the nutrients it needs.
    • Added sugar and hyper-processed or highly refined foods intake matters, make sure to assess them and identify more nutrient dense, better nutrition upgrades.
    • Sodium, not just salt, matters, but sodium sources and sufficient potassium matters more.
  • Heart Healthy Better Be Delicious & Doable
    • Flavorless, fake, and un-fun that’s what most people think of when they envision a heart healthy menu. Our hearts want delicious nutrition that’s easy to prepare, enjoy and access more often.
  • The Heart Healthy Power of Plants
    • Your patients will benefit from a plant-based nutrition plan because a healthy heart needs a variety of nutrients from plants. This does not mean plant-monogamous is better. Based on their preferences, health, access and lifestyle, help identify how they will consistently get in a foundation of nutrients from plants.
  • Calcium & Coq10
    • Both help a heart run better. Are they getting too much or not enough?
  • Fiber for All
    • The amount and type of fiber intake will affect heart health and cholesterol. Depending on current dietary choices, your patient may need a combination of food and supplemental fiber sources to improve their total heart health nutrition intake.
  • Anti-Inflammatory isn’t Better
    • Learning to take in the nutrients that help promote a healthy inflammatory response is crucial to reduce risk of heart disease. Build their total heart health nutrition plan to include nutrients that promote a healthy inflammatory response.
    • Discover the proven power of the Mediterranean Diet (on par with a statin medication!) and how to customize your choices to follow it more often.
  • B heart healthy
    • B vitamins are essential for heart health, but imbalances can contribute to poor heart health. Assess their total nutrition to avoid imbalances of one or more B vitamins versus others, as well as the form.
  • Genes matter
    • Genetics do play an important role in heart health nutrition. Pending results of Lp(a), MTHFR, and other genetic markers you will want to adjust their total heart health nutrition recommendation.

How does the Program work?

Practitioners and individuals can sign up to participate by grabbing the Love ya Mean It Heart Health package of tools. After purchase you get an invitation to join the private Facebook group which is the program hub.

Practitioners who sign up can invite 2 clients or prospects to join for FREE and coach them through the program with Ashley Koff RD and guest experts.

If you own a Shop of Tools, you get to invite 5 clients or prospects for FREE, get a behind the scenes coaching session with Ashley Koff RD and have access to the practitioner version of the slides to customize for your own program.

What does The 2020 Be Heart Healthy Program Include?

  1. Personal total heart health nutrition assessment using cutting edge total nutrition assessments from The Better Nutrition Program.
  2. Customized dietary supplement plan based on your current nutrition, health, medication and preferences.
  3. Customizable menu & guidelines with over 50 deliciously doable better heart health nutrition recipes to Be Heart Healthy all year long!
  4. A set of tools you can use an UNLIMITED number of times. Anytime you want to re-build & refresh your total nutrition to Be Heart Healthy
  5. Product suggestions, discounts and guest experts 
  6. Team and group support from our better nutrition program team and your fellow Be Heart Healthy teammates to support you
  7. For practitioners, a program you can follow, customize and use for your clients

Are You Prepared To Do These To Be Heart Healthy?

  • Share – share your current total nutrition intake with your practitioner and / or Ashley Koff RD
  • Participate – we think it’s better to attend live, but you don’t need to as long as you catch up sometime that week. Life happens and if you need to postpone a week, let us or your healthcare practitioner know, and commit to resuming the following (starting where you left off)
  • Commit – to doing One Thing Better each week for 30 days. While doing everything else you do daily, you will get (1) weekly assignment that you turn into your weekly commitment. 

The Be Heart Healthy Program is for You IF You Want Help with Any of These:

  • Stress over heart health
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Pressure
  • Metabolic Syndrome

“SIGN ME UP!” You Say?

Pick the phrase that fits you better, click the link, and let’s do better together!