3 Steps to Increase Profits with Supplement Sales

Are you ready to increase profits with supplement sales and get better client outcomes? This was one of the top requests we got in 2020 from practitioners, so…

In October of 2020, The Better Nutrition Program came together with an outstanding group of industry thought leaders for a full day of interactive learning in “The Business of Supplements” Workshop. So many of our colleagues were able to turn their supplement sales into consistent money-makers that – by popular demand – we’re bringing you a few key takeaways!

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Business of Supplement Sales
Business of Supplement Sales Workshop
Business of Supplement Sales Ashley Koff RD

With Ashley Koff, RD orchestrating almost five hours of comprehensive conversation, we covered the key components of utilizing supplements to fully optimize our nutrition businesses. This workshop made it easy for practitioners to increase profits with supplement sales.

Together, we learned that selling supplements doesn’t have to be a (ahem) supplemental source of side income within our practices (see what we did there?). In fact, when you take the right approach to your supplement sales strategy, it can be a major generator of revenue and deliver better client outcomes.


So, after gaining valuable insights from each of our experts, we sent our practitioners away with three actionable steps to take to elevate the role that supplements play in their businesses.

1. SHOW clients their better choices.

“Meet your patients where they are

and stay with them.”
Ashley Koff, RD
Founder, The Better Nutrition Program

Your clients are guilty.

At some point, they’ve skipped consulting you or another health care provider and opted into a quick Google search over a pressing health issue. They probably bought the first supplement that seemed like it could help them. If they did any research, it might’ve been reading a few product reviews or comparing a couple of prices. Then, they purchased over-the-counter pills and tablets, powders off the pharmacy’s shelves, you name it. Anything that promised a simple, quick fix.

These things may or may not work, because they may or may not be what they actually need. Spoiler alert: They are almost assuredly NOT what they need, because Google is not their personal health care practitioner. You are!

The Game Changer

SHOW your clients’ your value by assessing their total current nutrition, health, and lifestyle. Compare it in real time to their body’s actual needs to resolve their health issue.

For example, say they complain of constipation. Their Google search may have told them about fiber, magnesium, and herbal laxatives. Because being constipated sucks, they likely bought or tried them all! Maybe it got the bowels moving, but that’s a band-aid fix that won’t carrying into a better long term solution. Worse, it could not work, or contain ingredients that interact with medications or compete with other nutrients.

Imagine how much better it is for them when instead of Googling, they connect with you. Whether it’s via social, email, a live session, or another practitioner referral, you ask them to fill out these:

BNP Evaluation Magnesium Fiber

And SHOW them if their issue is from insufficient magnesium or fiber. If they are getting enough of both, you have the expertise to know that other issues like stress, activity, water intake, nutrient interactions (calcium, iron, coffee), and taking the wrong type of supplements can be the root cause of their constipation.

As a result, you personalize a recommendation that is much more likely to be effective without unwanted side effects. That recommendation may include a supplement and you will be showing them exactly why and which one.

[Keep reading to see how you can easily learn which ones are better to recommend.]

To increase profits with supplement sales, steps #2 & #3 are essential.

2. Educate yourself to make better recommendations.

This is a big one, and there are many things you can be doing immediately not just to make your work with your current clients better, but to take your general knowledge and client protocols to the next level for future clients.


Don’t group all supplements together.

All practitioners should be comfortable with vitamins and minerals.
Dr. Tieraona Low Dog
Author, Fortify Your Life

This means every practitioner should assess client total vitamin and mineral intake prior to making personalized nutrition recommendations. 

If it’s not within your scope to order labs, reach out to your client’s healthcare provider(s) and ask them to order lab work or testing on your behalf. “It’s a wonderful conversation!” says Dr. Low Dog, who asserted that when you “share the results with their primary care provider,” it opens up a window of opportunity for more personalized care through collaboration. Your clients will always appreciate you going the extra mile and working with their doctors. It shows how deeply you care about helping them feel better. 

Pro Tip: When reaching out to practitioners, share their patient’s BNP evaluation results to SHOW them how you assess their patient’s total nutrition. This will help them immensely with this client, and is likely to generate more referrals from trusted sources in the medical field.

Lab costs are often an issue for your clients. So the savvy practitioner – that’s you! – uses The Better Nutrition Program Shop of Tools™ evaluations prior to ordering any (potentially expensive) labs to get a solid idea of where clients stand in terms of getting what they need. “That’s why we created them. Nutrient assessment is not just within every practitioners scope, it’s our responsibility, so we can personalize our recommendations,” Ashley reminded everyone. Our evaluations are written and constantly updated so that you always have what you need to identify the unique needs of those you treat and move forward with their personalized recommendations. 

Lab work isn’t the only path toward answers. You need to know their current total nutrition to get to root cause, so you can save your clients’ time and money by using our evaluations, which is a major trust-builder. 😉


Understanding the sometimes enormous differences in supplement quality is also critical. Dr. Alex Keller, Medical Director for Fullscript, walked us through issues regarding FDA and cGMP compliance in a majority of supplement production facilities, stressing the importance of knowing where and how the supplements you recommend make it into the bottle.

Amazon is something that I steer people away from…

Be very wary of where you buy your products.
Dr. Alex Keller
Chief Medical Officer, Fullscript

Pull clients away from uncontrolled e-commerce. Explain to them that Amazon and others allow for (and encourage) unregulated manufacturers to sell supplements. That means the supplement brand that looks like the one you would recommend from a reputable company may not be, or it might have expired or been stored incorrectly, which affects the nutrient quality.

It is also too easy to come across (and unfortunately not easy to tell, even to the trained eye) counterfeit sales accounts selling poorly made and unregulated versions of supplements you’d otherwise be keen on. Yet another great reason to wean your clients off of their online search habits!

The solution?

Get to know a few brands

and key products to use in your practice.”
Ayla Barmmer MS RDN LDN
Founder, FullCircle Prenatal

It’s important to have an arsenal of high quality, cost-effective supplements that you trust. Dr. Keller suggests looking for products with third-party certifications that verify quality and authenticity from multiple sources. “Ask brands for CofAs, get them on websites, or get assurance through a brand or a brand rep.” That’s where leaning on Fullscript can help!

provides customer service support for practitioners and their clients.
Debra Wolf
Sales Team Manager at Fullscript

Utilizing their platform means both you and your clients have access to the most knowledgeable supplement professionals in the business whenever you have questions or simply want more information.


Developing recommendations that align with client values and lifestyle is important, and not as tedious as you might think. If you have clients who do not want anything derived from animals or animal products, have strong environmental concerns, or are conscious of sustainable practices around the things they consume, there are plenty of ways to double and triple check that you are making recommendations that align with their preferences and specifications.

“Resources like Carbon Underground and Green America

help practitioners learn about regenerative agriculture standards.”
Sara Newmark
COO of True Grace
And now, the final tip to increase profits with supplement sales.

3. Leverage supplements to build your personalized nutrition businesses.

If you’re familiar with what we do here at The Better Nutrition Program, you know that “showing” will always deliver better results than “telling”.

It’s simple.

Our attention spans, even as adults, are actually not incredibly sophisticated. When you speak to clients, they want to buy your process, but need to be shown (not told) how it works. Instead of telling them about the results they will see with your supplement recommendations, grab and keep their attention by showing them your process.

SHOW them how you are different than supplement companies selling them a supplement from a quick online quiz. Your difference is better for them because you

  • Evaluate their total nutrition needs
  • Understand their lifestyle and preferences
  • Recommend supplements as part of a personalized plan

to make it easier to [insert their specific, better result here]!

“YOU are the magic pill someone is searching for.

A better supplement business strategy helps them discover and depend on YOU for personalized total nutrition.”
Ashley Koff RD
Founder, The Better Nutrition Program

Telling your patients everything they need to do to get healthy in one session isn’t better for them, and one-and-done sessions are certainly not better for your business model.

You don’t sell supplements, you sell a proven process that helps each person enjoy better health.

SHOW them how your proven process works:

  1. Develop a personalized, ongoing supplement strategy to harness your competitive advantage using steps #1 and #2 above
  2. Include key times to re-evaluate their needs so they understand that nutrient needs change. You are their partner and guide throughout ongoing assessments of their needs.
  3. Continue to share their evaluations with their other practitioners to make you the quarterback in their care. This is better for the client and better for your business. Every meaningful outreach to a practitioner keeps you top of mind for future referrals.

This kind of one-on-one attention helps attract and engage clients to consistently commit to their better health (and as a result, commit to working with you). They will never confuse you with someone just selling them supplements.

(Check out this FREE webinar from Ashley Koff, RD, on The Integrative Practitioner that covers engaging your patients more effectively through personalizing supplement strategies!)


We make it easy for you to increase profits with supplement sales.

The Better Nutrition Program was designed to give you the necessary tools and personalized mentorship you need to create winning personalized strategies for your clients and your business.


Our first-of-its-kind Shop of Tools for practitioners just got its annual upgrade! [Read all about it HERE!] That means you get the most cutting edge client assessment and education tools, loads of done-for-you social media content, complete programs, and proven protocols you need to effectively run a lucrative supplement sales program.

Shop of Tools


The The Shop of Tools™ serves as the foundation for each of our three BNP memberships, which all include lifetime access. Members always stay completely up-to-date with absolutely everything they need to win better, for life! 

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The BEST part about becoming a BNP member? Depending on the membership you choose, you’ll gain

  • Access to our On-Demand Video Library (which is where you’ll find the ENTIRE “Business of Supplements” Workshop along with so many other invaluable masterclasses and webinars)
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“3 reasons I am excited: 1) With The Shop of Tools, the work is done, 2) I have Ashley to walk me through how to best use them, and 3) Endless possibilities.”

-Christi Buck RDN, LD, CLT
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